Patchouli Body Oil- calms nerves, insect repellent


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Patchouli Body Oil

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four Patchouli Oils to choose from…

* Patchouli, Naturalsweet traditional
* Patchouli, Essential– traditional, earthy; Indonesia
* Patchouli, Sweet – dark, spicy, herbal sweet
* Patchouli, Tunisian– dark, spicy

Benefits: Patchouli oil has a woodsy earthy spicy aroma. This essence oil has a dark brown color and a thick consistency. It’s therapeutic healing properties include: disperses scattered thinking, calms nerves, skin regeneration, insect repellent. Inhaling this fragrance throughout the day brings a grounding centering affect with a sense of well being and the ability to rise above any inharmonious situation.

Uses:  Patchouli Body Oil can be dabbed on the skin as a unique perfume body oil. It actually smells a little different on each person because it mixes with one’s body chemistry.  The fragrance lasts a long time because it is not diluted or cut with alcohol. On some, the aroma lasts even for days. Add a few drops of Patchouli oil to an aromatherapy diffuser or steam vaporizer.  Or place a few drops  onto a lit candle, light bulb ring,  one’s pillow, in massage oil, in the bath.  Relax.

The uses of quality fragrance oils are without limits… create your own environment.  Quality essence oils such as Patchouli are best used in healing processes of mind and emotions due to the enhanced feelings they always evoke.  As such, these aromas are excellent for centering scattered or troubling thoughts and for meditation. With the aroma of Patchouli in the atmosphere, one can just breathe in deeply and receive it’s therapeutic benefits. Share this beautiful aroma with those around you.

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Qualities, benefits, uses of perfume body oils

Fragrance oils are unique to each wearer – they smell a little different on each person depending on their body chemistry. Another quality is that essence oils are formulated to be long lasting – on some, the fragrance can linger even for days. Of their many benefits, the aromatherapy aspect shines forth. It is purely amazing how fragrances can affect one's mood. Some aromas are invigorating and keep one moving forward; while others are soothing and help one to calm down or sleep easy. Moreover, they can evoke fond (and sometimes not so fond) memories. Some feel right to be worn only in certain seasons or on specific occasions. Create your environment, allow the bountiful gifts inherent in the sense of smell to assist you in achieving your goals – great and small. So shine forth, give Patchouli Essence Oil a try. Tester vials are available. Discover those fragrances which support your aspirations.


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